I am the only website design and hosting business located on Prince of Wales Island, Alaska. Why take your business off-island or out of state? Interact with a real, live, local person.


I am happy to try to meet your needs. I’ll learn something new if it’s a requirement and I don’t know it. Mostly I focus on building and hosting static websites for individuals and small businesses, using the WordPress platform. I also can provide a custom email address and webmail accounts attached to your domain name. No more @gmail or @yahoo – you can be you@yourdomain.com!


I have a pretty wide range of experience, both with computer work and in other careers. With respect to computers, I have worked in large companies as a database analyst, web application developer, and business systems analyst. I have also held diverse non-computer-related job titles, including work in retail, work as a teacher, and work in corporate accounts and marketing.