All of the websites below reside on my servers. My servers are on server farms located in either Fremont, California or Newark, New Jersey. I rent them from linode.com, which has excellent reliability and provides them with very high speed connections to the internet.


I started out helping friends and acquaintances build their own blogs and I provide the hosting. The following blogs are ones that I helped build and host. They are built on the widely-used and flexible WordPress platform.

Business & Individual Sites

These sites are built on the same WordPress platform as the blogs, above.


Everyone knows about Wikipedia. But did you know you can have your own wiki? It’s quite easy to do using the Mediawiki platform, which is the exact same software that Wikipedia uses.

Geofiction and GIS

Geofiction is a niche hobby – it means making maps of unreal or imaginary places. A website called opengeofiction.net innovated the idea of applying the same type of technology as used for Google maps to this hobby.

I have developed a great deal of expertise in this narrow field, starting with work as an administrator for that website, and since then building my own “geofiction servers.” These are very complex pieces of software and the most challenging website work I have done. If you want to “rent a planet” I am willing to build and host your private map server.

“GIS” refers to Geographic Information Systems. My work with “geofiction servers” above has led me to an intimate familiarity with the OpenStreetMap software ecosystem. I am happy to pursue this for either real-world websites or for geofiction. The below are some sites that all fall in the geofiction space.

  • Arhet (my first, currently with about 20 active users)
  • Rahet (still in development)
  • Andulsidis (a private map server which I host)

Most recently, through the summer of 2021, I have taken over hosting and providing tech support for a major (arguably the major) geofiction map-drawing website: opengeofiction.net. I fully rebuilt the site from scratch. It currently has over 200 active users and a dynamic community of geofiction hobbyists involved in and using the site daily. It’s by far the largest and most complex website I currently run.